A successful IPM program takes a preventive, strategic approach to pest management in order to drastically reduce or eliminate pest problems for the long-term. Gone are the days of exterminators spraying pesticides and fumigants every few weeks and placing traps throughout.

Tower Pest Control prides itself with developing and implementing integrated pest management (IPM) programs that take proactive, comprehensive and preventive approaches to keep pest infestations at bay. We have created a comprehensive Integrated Pest Management plan for one of our most vulnerable populations, children in schools.

Our IPM program has proven to be successful because it treats pest control as an ongoing preventive process rather than reacting to pest problems as single isolated incidents. To create a customized, strategic IPM plan, pest technicians worked with cafeteria managers to regularly assess each kitchen’s unique needs and site-specific pest risks. With that information, we developed an IPM program that uses a variety of tools to address the underlying causes of those risks for pest infestation, thereby drastically reducing or eliminating pest problems in a sustainable, long-term way.

“There has been a big shift from a one-size-fits-all program, where we have a certain number of devices that are going to be spaced 25 to 50 ft apart and we’re going to fog every month no matter what to more of an assessment-based program based on the real risks within a facility.”

Tower Pest Control would assess the notable differences associated in treating different locations. Furthermore we need to assess what and where are the sensitivities, which pests are most likely to be present, and how can we build a program specifically for this location.

Tower Pest Control’s program is based on being proactive instead of being reactive. We work closely with our customers to develop a detailed plan that minimizes equipment (traps, treatments, and bait stations), but maximizes protection. It frees up our technician to do more inspection, be proactive and look for potential causes of infestation instead of reacting to issues.


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